40th Class Reunion

BHS  Class of 1979

Next year will be our time to get together again for our High School Reunion!  Please take a minute to fill out the survey,  ensure all your current information is up to date and pass the word on to our fellow classmates.  More information will be following in the months to come.....  GO COLTS !!!!!

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1)   40th Class Reunion 2019... Two day weekend in the Summer or Fall , 3 day "Labor Day " Weekend, in September?

  3 day Weekend, Labor Day
  2 day Weekend, Summer
  2 day Weekend , Fall
2)   Let's keep it casual ? Or do we want to get dressed up? (For the "Main Event")

  Semi Formal
3)   Sit down dinner or Buffet style?

  Sit Down
  Buffet Style
  Doesn't matter
4)   Any Venue or activity's you would like to recommend ?

5)   Do you think you will be attending our reunion?

6)   Interested in helping with the planning?

  Yes, let me know what I can do, (we will also be meeting in S.V. at some point )
  No, but I can help look for missing classmates and pass the word of reunion on.
7)   Any other suggestions or recommendations?